Month: October 2017

PureVPN Helping The FBI

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Interesting. From The Register: And that’s where the surprise came in – at least for those that believed a VPN is a complete protection: “Significantly, PureVPN was able to determine that their service was accessed by the same customer from two originating IP addresses” (those IP addresses were at Lin’s work and home addresses).

Techcrunch Being Techcrunch

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Techcrunch writer Josh Constine, on the post about the shutdown of AIM: So, farewell to AIM and my embarrassing screen name KDog313. Being a teenager will always sound like one of your incoming messages. Techcrunch writer Taylor Hatmaker, 10 hours later (awesome name btw): Sharing old credentials online is a bad idea. From a security perspective, old AOL logins are a potential goldmine of personal details for anyone trying to hack your accounts.

Cloudflare Came to The Rescue

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DSLReports: Cloudfare has begun banning websites that coverly embed cryptocurrency miners into their website code to boost website revenues. After the dailystormer brouhaha, i guess we’re starting to see cloudflare becoming the police of the internet. Makes sense, since their product use cases really does cater to shady website (and legit ones too of course, but shadier ones needs cloudflare the most). Anyway, good move by cloudflare. I just worry that with the scale of […]