Month: April 2018

ICANN’s Public Whois vs The EU

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ICANN will have a month to stop exposing private registrant data in their public whois, thanks to GDPR. The Register: The Whois public database of domain name registration details is dead. In a letter [PDF] sent this week to DNS overseer ICANN, Europe’s data protection authorities have effectively killed off the current service, noting that it breaks the law and so will be illegal come 25 May, when GDPR comes into force. It’s one of […]

Cloudflare DNS

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From Cloudflare blog: Cloudflare’s mission is to help build a better Internet. We’re excited today to take another step toward that mission with the launch of โ€” the Internet’s fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service Nice to see another alternative for reputable public DNS resolvers other than OpenDNS (owned by Cisco) and Google, both of which have been known to track you, which Cloudflare promised not to do. I myself am a proponent of running […]