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On Youtube there are several channels that dedicates itself to streaming music 24/7 for free. Typically these channels, at least the ones that i stumbled upon, play music that are royalty free, or made by artists who are just starting their careers and want a place where they can promote their stuff for free.

One thing that’s interesting to me though, is how forgettable these songs are.

I don’t know exactly why, probably because they are made to fit a certain mood, typically to “chill”, since i noticed the biggest channels are called “Chillhop Music” and the other is deep house, which is another name for “i want to party but i have 3 essays due so i want to both party and study at the same time”, but anyway, they really do reminded me of elevator music. The kind where you drop in an elevator or an airport, said to yourself, “well this is nice. I’m relaxed somewhat by this droning sound followed by announcement of a delay, now i’m pissed”, but you never remember what it is that were playing even 5 minutes after you came out of it.

Now, the problem is, some of the music that they’re playing on these channels are legitimately good, especially if you were paying attention. But i just for the life of me can’t remember the name of the artist or anything about the song 10 minutes later. So i wonder why.

I got my explanation along with a punch to the gut when i close the tab, and play some real music that were well reviewed, and that i truly enjoy. Something like Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, Kanye West Late Registration, Sondre Lerche’s albums, or even Tyler’s latest album. They’re just pulling you in, hypnotically, telling you to drop everything and focus on the music. Even Kanye’s Yeezus, probably his most mixed-reviewed work, is unforgettable. It’s just forcing you to have an opinion about it. It does not allow you to forget.

But of course I can be biased. These are albums that i have listened to hundreds of times, so of course i remember all of the little details in Dre’s G Thang. But then i still remember listening to Sgt Pepper the first time.

It’s of course truly ridiculous to compare music played in a youtube channel called Chillhop with The Beatles, but my point still stands. Music, the good ones, forced you to remember it. It supposed to forced you to feel some type of ways about it.And it’s the same thing with all creative endeavor. If you can’t remember it, it’s probably for a very good reason, or bad, depending on how you look at it.

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