Cryptocurrency Finally Found The Right Product Market Fit.

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So the best news that i hear last week is that The Pirate Bay, the pirate’s favorite never-say-die torrent indexer site, has implemented a feature(?) in which a visitor to the site will share their CPU resources to mine some cryptocurrency for the site.

Following that news, some news sites started reporting that this “feature” is actually already in place in some other, non-shady, non probably-get-yourself-arrested-if-you-use-it site as well. Oddly enough, the site that use this feature is the official website for Showtime, a cable television channel in the US.

Now, after trying to find out more about what the hell is going on, i found a site called Coin Hive, which makes flash based advertising that took over your whole screen looks like it is sent gift-wrapped direct from God itself. An easily implementable js based coin miners for your own site!

This is the future folks. I myself can’t wait to dedicate a special PCI-e slot for a GPU so that i can pay to pirate the next episode of Game of Thrones. In fact i’m looking forward to it.

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