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How Betaworks Revived Digg

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A great article by Timothy B. Lee on Vox about the story behind Digg’s Revival So Betaworks had about six weeks to create a new Digg. The company decided to ditch the user voting system that had been the hallmark of the original Digg. The Digg user community had become too acrimonious — and the front page too spammy — to be salvaged. Instead, the new Digg would use a combination of software and human […]

Having a Stroke at 33

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A remarkable article from Christine Hyung-Oak Lee on Buzzfeed, recounting her whole experience having a stroke at the age of 33. It was Dec. 31, 2006. I was 33. I did not yet know this, but a clot had traveled from my aorta into my brain, and made its way to my left thalamus. As a result, my left brain, the expert at numbers and language and logic and reasoning, a part of it suffocated […]

3 Unique Values of Minecraft That Microsoft Needs to Understand

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I’ve been playing Minecraft since a year ago. Before that, I used to think that the game is only about building stuff out of pixelated blocks. Like Lego. That’s how most people describe Minecraft, especially the one who just knew the game from screenshots or occasional minecraft-related news where people seem to constantly build ridiculous things in it.1 But as it turns out, after just a week of gameplay i realised Minecraft is more than […]

RIM is (still) stupid

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The verge reports that RIM CEO, Thorsten heins will consider the possibility of closing down RIM’s hardware production division after the launch of BB10 “the CEO said that, although there was no need to make such a decision in haste, all options are being considered as he continues in his attempts to turn around the Canadian manufacturer’s fortunes.” This is the problem when a company thinks “turning around” a company’s fortune means saving their investor […]

Android is a Piracy Platform

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The article is about OUYA but i’m more interested at this quote which i think relevant; especially in the wake of the whole kerfuffle about piracy in Android forcing developers making their game free “There are two platforms: [iOS] makes money [and] is still very programmable, like the Apple II, and then the other is Android, which is a piracy platform, and you’re not doing anything new with it — you’re making a bigger phone […]

Why People (Still) Hates The Police

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Police are still chasing a false image of their own professionalism, conceived a half century ago. The professionalism of the 1950s and 1960s, made popular in American television shows like Dragnet, Starsky and Hutch, and S.W.A.T. held out a promise that following the law, mastering sophisticated weaponry, and pledging loyalty to the organization would bring professional discipline and, with it, public respect. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The whole article is a must read

Foxconn Might Not Land in Indonesia After All: A Thought.

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WSJ reports: While wages in Indonesia are lower than those in China, Indonesia in many areas lacks the infrastructure crucial to a company as massive as Foxconn, China’s largest exporter. The archipelago’s clogged roads, frequent power disruptions and overstretched ports all get in the way of producing and delivering products cheaply and on time. Amazing how a country so aspired to be a giant could hit the same brick wall over, and over, and over, […]

Another Post about the Mac App Store

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Marco Arment: Postbox’s exit from the Mac App Store should sound very familiar to anyone who buys Mac software. If you read between the lines a bit, I think the real story there is one we’ve seen a lot since June 1: they tolerated the App Store’s lack of paid upgrade mechanics before, but sandboxing — and more accurately, needing to remove important app features because of their incompatibility with the current set of sandboxing […]

The Dilemma of Insanely Great Yet Long OS X Review

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Mr. Brett Kelly of Evernote Fame on his quest to read John Siracusa’s insanely great OS X Mountain Lion review and facing the dread of many, many pages to click: This year, it’s a little different. I use Instapaper for most of my longer-form article consumption and, as of recently, this service is able to figure out if an article has been spread across multiple pages. I can’t help but think that Ars (and sites […]

Rich Elitist Bastard

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Ben Brooks: The problem isn’t designing for the new retina MacBook Pro, the problem is designing on the new retina MacBook Pro for non-retina screens. Some designers are complaining that designing in a Retina Macbook Pro is problematic. It’s good. too good. It’s so good that the designer forgets not everybody is a rich elitist bastard1 who are able to enjoy the latest technology. I’m actually a macbook pro user and an Apple geek myself. […]