Dead Trigger is now free: A Thought.

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So the news is that Dead Trigger, a popular Android & iOS zombie-shooter game is now free, at least on Android. The thought behind this was one word: piracy. The developer says on their official facebook page that even when they sold the game for $0.99, they found the piracy level in Android to be unbelievably high.

My thought as an Android user? Well, he’s pretty much right. I can’t say much for android users in the United States, but Android is pretty popular choice around here. Especially around college student. And most of the people i knew who uses Android unfortunately have to pirate their game. Why? Simple reason. They don’t have credit card. Yes, unbeliavable especially if you live in the US, but it’s true. And for me more reason to believe that the real logic behind piracy is not because users simply doesn’t want to pay or the internet made us all used to the word “free”. No, not at all.

The reason is the process of buying was just too hard. We’re human. And what do we do as human when we find things too hard? We find ways to make it easier.1

via: The Verge

  1. Notice that i don’t really analyze over the fact that piracy level in iOS is assumingly not as high as Android, even though both uses credit card as the only way to pay. My quick answer to this is the fact that well, most people don’t have an iPhone here. Some people who have it usually are in the middle to high income segment. These segment usually already have a credit card, and they (assumingly) treat piracy with attitude that is complete opposite to the people i mention before. It’s just too much work for them. 

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