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Email Application Hell

English / Writing

Working in a hosting industry as a customer service rep, you’ll find that 8 out of 10 issues reported has to do with emails. Take a look at a person with zero computing experience, and ask yourself, if they want a website, where they should go to. You might think a drag and drop site builder is a good idea. Something where they can just add or remove website components like Lego, where even if […]

Shutting Down

English / Writing

Shutting down, and letting electronics “have a rest” is such a human concept. It was born out of our own needs to shut down our brain every single day since we were born until we finally have a permanent rest. I still remember my dad shutting down my computer without my knowledge when I was asleep. I was downloading some large files in the days of dial up, and of course, I got mad about […]