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Marco Arment:

Postbox’s exit from the Mac App Store should sound very familiar to anyone who buys Mac software. If you read between the lines a bit, I think the real story there is one we’ve seen a lot since June 1: they tolerated the App Store’s lack of paid upgrade mechanics before, but sandboxing — and more accurately, needing to remove important app features because of their incompatibility with the current set of sandboxing entitlements — was the last straw.

To top it all off, the 30 percent cut on every apps sold i think also plays some deciding factor. Not every app is a blockbuster app; and some of these apps require lots of people to develop and provide support.

This is sparrow all over again. The difference is there’s no Google to save Postbox from being eaten by the new economy of software where you sold software like you sold magazines; the only savior is their own strategy. And you gotta admit, being in Apple App store, whether it’s mac or iOS, practically gave all your hands and strategy to Apple. It’s a practical statement saying, “tied my hands apple, be my pimp. Take care of me”. Not the greatest strategies i’d say.

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