It Doesn’t Look Too Good for Ahok, Unfortunately

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Gubernatorial election in Jakarta has finished. Well, the first round of it, at least. And the result doesn’t look too good for Ahok.

The gap between candidate number 2 (Ahok-Djarot) and candidate number 3 (Anies-Sandi) is far too close for comfort, and although in their public statement the Ahok-Djarot team sounds ecstatic with the result, i don’t think they’re truly being honest about it. Not for a candidate that used to have almost 70% approval ratings and insanely active grassroot campaigning team (Teman Ahok). I’m not sure if Ahok now regrets the decision to go with political party instead of making a history and going independent.

Now, following the rules of our election commission, a second round of gubernatorial election will be held with candidate number 2 and 3 trying to win over the rest of the votes from candidate number 1. One interesting thing to note here, candidate number 1 actually got a lot more votes than i personally predicted.

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