Google & Dropbox Launches “Simply secure” Initiative

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Brian Donohue on threatpost reports:

“We believe that people shouldn’t have to make a trade-off between security and ease of use. This is why we’re happy to support Simply Secure, a new organization dedicated to improving the usability and safety of open-source tools that help people secure their online lives,” Meredith Whittaker and Ben Laurie of Google said.

As great as these initiatives sounds, it somehow still feels like the two companies are only there so then they would be able to say, “we do care about user security! See? We have this initiative”. It feels like PR speaks to me.

What i would appreciate as a user of their service is more transparency regarding their usage of user data and their communication with government agency. Also, how about not having people associated with the issue as one of your board member? That would be helpful.

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