No-Nonsense Guide to SEO Optimization

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Tania Rascia wrote:

If a website’s aim is to create as many pages as possible with click-bait titles in order to gain ad revenue, it may see some initial relative >success. However, people leaving the site right away (high bounce rate), a lack of people linking to the site (low referrals) and few people >directly visiting the site (low directs) will ultimately negatively factor into search ranking.

Really well-written and sensible approach to SEO is hard to find, in my opinion, because the sector is rife with so called SEO-expert trying to one up each other with bad, outdated practice.

If i see another person trying to get 20 dedicated IPv4 because “i need to build a private blog network and they need to be on their own IP”, i’d shoot myself. Tania has written a very clear and concise guide, and i can attest to the effectiveness of her SEO approach, because it works. I found her blog through a simple google for a very competitive keywords and she appears first.

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