RIM is (still) stupid

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The verge reports that RIM CEO, Thorsten heins will consider the possibility of closing down RIM’s hardware production division after the launch of BB10

“the CEO said that, although there was no need to make such a decision in haste, all options are being considered as he continues in his attempts to turn around the Canadian manufacturer’s fortunes.”

This is the problem when a company thinks “turning around” a company’s fortune means saving their investor from the possibility of losing their money instead of commiting to build the best products possible and trusting the market will react in accordance to how confident you are of your own judgement.

The rule of thumb is: when you have two plans to “turn around” a company with plan B being you’re gonna burn the friggin ship and sell it outright, keep your mouth shut. Because nothing convince me more to buy your product than knowing that the company will shut down in mere days if it fails to find enough people who wants to use the damn thing.

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