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Don’t Be Afraid, This is Just a PDF. We won’t ask for your email.


I was reading Drift somewhat uninteresting report on SaaS companies marketing practice when I came across this: And I found myself laughing. I don’t know why, but it’s kind of sad/funny how content marketing has reached this stage where a legitimate company like Drift now has to write in very clear terms that they’re not asking their valuable users for any private information to simply get a PDF. You know, like this one: Or this […]

Apple (Software) Is Just Not Interesting Anymore

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I know, the title is pure clickbait. But what do you expect, i’m a click whore. Anyway, to the topic at hand. Next week, Apple will announce their Q1 2017 earnings, and as expected many people who are really into Apple are up in arms about it. What will it said? Would Apple make more, or less money? Would Tim Cook said something, or not, about the thing that other people was saying about that […]

Why i Decided to Buy Into The Xiaomi Lifestyle

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Ben Thompson got a very well-written, well-researched article up at Stratechery, talking about the ambition of Chinese phone maker Xiaomi and its challenges, as well as explaining the misconception and some amount of culture shock surrounding the company’s behavior when viewed by its western brethren. I figure this is an interesting enough article to just put up here as a link, but i decided i have some points to add, considering that i sold my […]

“I thought making a high-quality app was the hard part that was keeping iPad magazines from being more successful”

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That’s Marco Arment, the creator of The Magazine, an iOS only magazine that he launched in 2012. He’s commenting on the fact that now, less than two years and a new owner later, it will be shut down. Many non-ideal factors and decisions I made up front probably contributed to The Magazine not being sustainable forever. But the biggest challenge was simply that running a magazine today is a really tough business. I thought making […]

A Quick Rundown What Happen Yesterday At The Parliament

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So Twitter rightly exploded yesterday after our Parliament voted yes on passing the new Regional Election Law. The law basically return the regional, and local election system to be represented by their domestic parliament instead of a direct election system voted by the people. I have written my quick, feelings and thoughts piece (in Indonesian) at Kompasiana, but in here i just want to make a quick rundown on the political drama and strange things […]

On Bad Biodiversity & Nature Conservation in Indonesia & Malaysia

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Erik Meijaard, writing for The Jakarta Globe: Globally, Malaysia is No. 2 and Indonesia No. 3 on the list of threatened species maintained by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Indonesia and Malaysia outrank Brazil and Mexico, which are actually more species-rich. One could argue that these two countries are simply not interested in conservation and that development at all costs comes first. But then why did they sign up to international conventions? Why […]

Google & Dropbox Launches “Simply secure” Initiative

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Brian Donohue on threatpost reports: “We believe that people shouldn’t have to make a trade-off between security and ease of use. This is why we’re happy to support Simply Secure, a new organization dedicated to improving the usability and safety of open-source tools that help people secure their online lives,” Meredith Whittaker and Ben Laurie of Google said. As great as these initiatives sounds, it somehow still feels like the two companies are only there […]

UK saw huge traffic uptake from iOS Update

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Alex Hern on The Guardian wrote: According to figures from LONAP, the internet exchange point that provides the physical infrastructure for much of England’s internet service providers, downloads peaked at more than 70 gigabits a second at 8pm Wednesday – a 60% increase on the same time the day before. Amazing. And while i’m on this topic, I can’t imagine being the CEO of an ISP who sees these kinds of traffic uptakes without looking […]

Problem at Jeff Bezos’ Fight Club

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David Streitfeld at New York Times wrote: Every fall, Mr. Bezos, the founder of Amazon, hosts Campfire, a literary weekend in Santa Fe, N.M. Dozens of well-known novelists have attended, but they do not talk about the abundance of high-end clothing and other gifts, the lavish meals, the discussion under the desert stars by Neil Armstrong or the private planes that ferried some home. The man who sells half the books in America seemed to […]