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Awesome Linux Software

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One of my favorite things about Github is that there are repositories that collects and curates a list of awesome things for a specific topic and everyone can submit a pull request and add their own awesome things to the list. Awesome-Selfhosted (a list of things that you can host on your own server) and Awesome Sysadmin (Curated list of sysadmin resources) are some of them, but this new list is also great: Awesome Linux […]

Having a Stroke at 33

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A remarkable article from Christine Hyung-Oak Lee on Buzzfeed, recounting her whole experience having a stroke at the age of 33. It was Dec. 31, 2006. I was 33. I did not yet know this, but a clot had traveled from my aorta into my brain, and made its way to my left thalamus. As a result, my left brain, the expert at numbers and language and logic and reasoning, a part of it suffocated […]