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At one point in my life, i was an undergraduate international relation student. It’s a pretty interesting topic, and i learnt a lot. Mostly, like all social sciences, it’s the kind of subject where people goes, “well, that’s obvious, isn’t it?” but there’s always more to everything, and all that seem obvious are usually the ones that are not. But I wouldn’t say the topic is an exciting one. When dealing with an identity and […]

It Doesn’t Look Too Good for Ahok, Unfortunately

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Gubernatorial election in Jakarta has finished. Well, the first round of it, at least. And the result doesn’t look too good for Ahok. The gap between candidate number 2 (Ahok-Djarot) and candidate number 3 (Anies-Sandi) is far too close for comfort, and although in their public statement the Ahok-Djarot team sounds ecstatic with the result, i don’t think they’re truly being honest about it. Not for a candidate that used to have almost 70% approval […]

A Quick Rundown What Happen Yesterday At The Parliament

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So Twitter rightly exploded yesterday after our Parliament voted yes on passing the new Regional Election Law. The law basically return the regional, and local election system to be represented by their domestic parliament instead of a direct election system voted by the people. I have written my quick, feelings and thoughts piece (in Indonesian) at Kompasiana, but in here i just want to make a quick rundown on the political drama and strange things […]