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Awesome Linux Software

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One of my favorite things about Github is that there are repositories that collects and curates a list of awesome things for a specific topic and everyone can submit a pull request and add their own awesome things to the list. Awesome-Selfhosted (a list of things that you can host on your own server) and Awesome Sysadmin (Curated list of sysadmin resources) are some of them, but this new list is also great: Awesome Linux […]

Dropbox Think Open Office Layout is Dead

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From the official Dropbox blog: Clearly, open office layouts aren’t the hotbeds of creativity designers originally hoped they would be. And with office space at a premium, private offices for everyone isn’t a realistic alternative, nor is it ideal It’s good that people are starting to wake up to the fact that not every workers want to work in an ex-warehouse building that’s retrofitted with hip wall decoration and aeron chairs with hundreds of people […]

Maersk Lost 300 Million Dollars Thanks to NotPetya

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From LA Times: A June cyberattack that snarled shipping terminal operations worldwide — and briefly shut down the Port of Los Angeles’ largest cargo terminal — has cost the Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk $200 million to $300 million, the company said this week. Now that there’s real dollar sign attached to a cyber attack, we’re gonna see more of this in the future, aren’t we?

More Chrome Extensions Getting Compromised

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I feel like this is gonna be a new trend. From Threatpost: The number of compromised Chrome browser extensions is growing beyond the initial Aug. 1 hijacking of the OCR add-on called Copyfish. Added to list are seven additional legitimate Chrome Extensions that attackers took over and used to manipulate internet traffic and web-based ads, according to researchers at Proofpoint. I first realized that Chrome extensions are a legit vector for Malware after watching my […]


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At one point in my life, i was an undergraduate international relation student. It’s a pretty interesting topic, and i learnt a lot. Mostly, like all social sciences, it’s the kind of subject where people goes, “well, that’s obvious, isn’t it?” but there’s always more to everything, and all that seem obvious are usually the ones that are not. But I wouldn’t say the topic is an exciting one. When dealing with an identity and […]

Shutting Down

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Shutting down, and letting electronics “have a rest” is such a human concept. It was born out of our own needs to shut down our brain every single day since we were born until we finally have a permanent rest. I still remember my dad shutting down my computer without my knowledge when I was asleep. I was downloading some large files in the days of dial up, and of course, I got mad about […]

Novel Review: The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford

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Are you a developer? Do you like buzzwords? Do you want higher wage? Learn some automation tools and Linux server administration skills, call yourself DevOps expert. You’re welcome. Jokes aside, DevOps (again, I’m still not sure what that means) is a pretty popular term to throw out these days. As far as I (and Wikipedia) know, the term itself doesn’t refer to a job title, or a description, but it refers to a practice of […]

Slow Apocalypse by John Varley Review

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Here’s the odd thing about the apocalypse: it’s the one scenario that hasn’t happened yet, and might not happen in our lifetime, and yet we human race have a very deep obsession with it. Throughout the history, every generation of tribes with their own system of belief have their own picture or imagination of what the apocalypse will entail. For a long time, the imagination is maybe a mystical deity, in the form of an […]

Privatized ‘Shuttle’ Mass Transport Sucks. Just Don’t Do It.

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So Lyft is in the news, they’re trying out a ‘shuttle’ service that’s basically a private version of mass public transport in some cities in the US. Fixed schedule, fixed routes and fixed fares. They’re doing it with a regular car, so it’s not exactly efficient. It’s glorified carpool. Now, here’s the funny thing. In Indonesia, these ‘micro’ transport service in which a regular car, typically SUV, is used to carry passengers across a fixed […]

Self-Managed VPN as an Alternative to Paid VPN

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Ben Brooks wrote: The only way to now truly maintain internet privacy (once 45 signs this into law) — even at home — is to use a VPN… That said, there’s only two VPNs I recommend: Cloak, or Private Internet Access (PIA). If i’m to add something to his list of VPN to use, i’d recommend another approach entirely: self-managed VPN. The way it works is you buy a cheap Virtual Private Server (VPS), or […]